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Professionele reinigingsmiddelen

Professional cleaners

As an organization with years of experience in professional cleaning products and lubricants for companies, we understand that sustainable maintenance is important within a company. We therefore think it is important to offer a range that is as specialized and transparent as possible. Whether you are looking for a generally applicable product or specialist cleaners for a specific pollution, cleaning of surfaces, machines or materials, we offer the solution. Moreover, we prioritize delivery reliability, fast service and sustainable solutions. Professional cleaning agents aim to remove specific and stubborn dirt. We therefore also focus on this in the development and production of our products.

Types of cleaning agents

It is important to use a good all-purpose cleaner for the daily maintenance of surfaces, machines and materials. Are you, on the other hand, looking for a more specialized solution such as the removal of green deposits, limescale deposits, black deposits or organic pollution? Then it is important to use powerful acidic or alkaline cleaners. The effectiveness is determined by the concentration. At Vossen Greener Chemicals we offer highly concentrated professional cleaning agents to provide the most effective solution possible. In addition, it is of course also important to add lubricants and preservatives to the maintenance of surfaces, machines and materials. Professional acid cleaners, alkaline cleaners, neutral cleaners, degreasers or ECO cleaners, we offer it all.

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Cleaning products

The right cleaner and the correct application of a cleaner are part of the success of industrial cleaning. The demand for professional cleaning agents is increasing due to the need for improved safety measures and time savings. In addition, sustainability is an important theme.

Vossen Greener Chemicals takes all these themes into account so that we can offer the most complete and targeted solution. Our professional cleaning agents are classified in such a way that they are easy to find by surface, type of pollution or type of product. We also think it is important to offer the widest possible range. Because we want to offer specialist solutions, you can actually find every type of cleaner in our webshop.

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