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The use of an all-purpose cleaner degreaser is essential to properly maintain machines and materials. Regular degreasing of parts is necessary because otherwise they will clog, so that machines no longer work optimally. Greases and lubricating oils are often used in the industrial sector. Lubricants are also used in operations such as sawing, punching and forming. To keep machines and parts in good condition, it is necessary to degrease.

How does degreasing work with an all-purpose cleaner degreaser?

Professional all-purpose cleaner degreasers are used to remove grease, grease and oil. These are often based on (chlorine-free) solvents. This ensures fast and powerful operation, without affecting the surface. Blue Max from Vossen Greener Chemicals is a powerful, safe industrial degreaser based on chlorine-free solvents. Blue Max is used for degreasing heavy (encrusted) contamination by grease, oil or grease on e.g. engines, equipment and parts.

Why is it essential?

By cleaning machines, parts and materials with a regular cleaning agent, you do not remove any grease. That is why it is important that you use an (all-purpose cleaner) degreaser. This way parts continue to function optimally and you ensure that machines do not get stuck.

Which degreaser is suitable?

In addition to solvent-based degreasers, there are of course other types of degreasers. Basically they all do the same thing. However, it is important to protect the surface and to ensure that the degreaser does not affect the material.

Here are some examples of degreasers on different bases, with the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Based on ammonia: Ammonia has a strong degreasing function, but is also bleaching. The vapor is toxic and unpleasant.
  • Alcohol-based: Ethyl alcohol and isopropanol are both alcohols that can act as a degreaser. It is a "clean" degreaser because the alcohol evaporates quite quickly and leaves no residue.
  • Paint cleaner: these degreasers have a strong degreasing function and as an added advantage no toxic fumes are released.

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