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Professioneel kalk verwijderen

Professional limescale removal

Lime is a collective name for alkaline salts of calcium such as calcium hydroxide (slaked lime), calcium oxide (quicklime), calcium hydrogen carbonate and calcium carbonate. Alkaline means that the substance is basic and not acidic. The professional removal of limescale therefore requires a professional acid cleaner. Vossen Greener Chemicals has various highly concentrated acid cleaners for removing this specific deposit, taking into account the substrates.

Limescale is formed when calcium and magnesium ions are deposited on walls, machines, materials and surfaces. Limescale is formed when water evaporates or dries up and as a result will be present on surfaces where a lot of water passes.

Acid cleaners

Which cleaner do I use for professional limescale removal?

Acid cleaners naturally have a high acidity. The pH values ​​of such a cleaner are often between 0-6.9. The more acidic the product, the better it will remove the lime. However, it is also important to ensure that the product is safe for the environment, the substrate and of course the user.

Limescale removal from machines and materials

Limescale on machines and materials can be very stubborn, which means that professional cleaning products must be used. It is important to discover the right substrate and the right contamination in order to professionally remove the lime. In the construction industry, lime often occurs in the form of cement veil.

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Limescale removal from industrial dishwashers and kettles

It is no surprise that sooner or later scale will form in this industrial equipment. Since water is constantly present. It is important that you clean this equipment safely with a concentrated acid cleaner that ensures professional removal of limescale and maintenance. The pipes of this equipment must also be well maintained, so that lime does not accumulate.

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