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Strooizout sneeuw alternatief

Winter often brings snow and ice, which leads to dangerous situations on roads and paths. For years, road salt was the go-to solution, but at what cost? Discover why Vossen Greener Chemicals' Thawing Granules is a better choice and a suitable road salt alternative.

The disadvantages of road salt:

Road salt can be effective at melting ice, but it has serious drawbacks. It can lead to:
• Environmental pollution: Salt can leak into waterways and harm flora and fauna.
• Infrastructure damage: Long-term exposure to salt can damage roads, vehicles and buildings.
• Risks to animals: Domestic and wild animals can become ill by ingesting or coming into contact with salt.

The dangers of snow and slippery conditions:
Slippery conditions due to ice and snow are a major safety risk. It can lead to:

• Car accidents, sometimes fatal.
• Falls, especially dangerous for the elderly.

Introduction of Thawing Granules:

Thawing Granules from Vossen Greener Chemicals is a road salt alternative that offers:

• Environmental friendliness: It is safe for the environment.
• Safety: No damage to surfaces and infrastructure.

Advantages of Thawing Granules as a road salt alternative:

• Effectiveness: Works faster and more efficiently at melting ice compared to road salt.
• Durability: The product works 30 times faster than brine and melts up to 150 times its own weight.
• Safe for all users: Ideal for domestic and commercial use.


Winter requires effective and safe ice control. Thawing Granules from Vossen Greener Chemicals offer a superior, environmentally friendly alternative to road salt.

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