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View our YouTube channel

View all stories from our customers. Get to know our products and become acquainted with our delivery reliability and sustainable partnerships.


Marco Bosgraaf explains how supply chain management contributes to the quality of service at EFKA. He also explains that they expect the same values ​​and reliability from suppliers such as Vossen Greener Chemicals.


Euroclean explains how they use Staporex and what benefits it brings to the company.


This video explains Vossen Greener Chemicals Staporex - stainless steel cleaner and polish.

Swimming pool de Beemden

Bio Treat and Stinkkiller are used to mask and remove odors in drains. Stinkkiller is a concentrate of enzymes and bacteria. It naturally breaks down odors.​ Bio Treat is a concentrated cleaning product based on bacteria and enzymes. Developed for the natural cleaning and prevention of clogging of drainage systems.

Kampen Industrial Care

Arnold Bakker explains the core values ​​within the company and what they expect from the suppliers.


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