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Full-time production worker wanted

Who are we?

An easier life, a better life, that's why we're here. Our goal is to help people and businesses get more value from our products. We are committed to doing this with as small an economic footprint as possible. In addition to having numerous certifications that guarantee ecological production, our products help to improve the life of machines, the vitality of people, the output of farms and the hygiene of companies. As our world grows, people and businesses will face more and more challenges. We strive for a better life, better business, shared profits and better health for people. For us, that starts with agricultural entrepreneurs and ends with personal and material care and hygiene. To create a better future, we are committed to sharing our knowledge, caring about environmental issues and providing people and businesses with the highest quality products that are future-proof.

What are the activities?

As a production employee you are responsible for, among other things, the following activities:
• Producing all products from the range (we make everything in-house)
• Filling products in different packaging
• Labeling packaging
• Pick orders
• Maintenance (of infrastructure and machines)

What are the job requirements?

• Available immediately
• In possession of a forklift driver's license/certificate
• A proactive attitude is a must
• Work accurately
• Being able to do 'heavy' work physically
• A fresh and motivated force
• Living in the Weert region

With growth you can be made responsible for, among other things?

• Planning production employees
• Purchase of raw materials
• Planning productions

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