Wax T Coat

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Wax T Coat is a liquid, waterborne, waxy preservative with PTFE to protect metal against corrosion.

Specific application

Wax T Coat protects all inside and outside stored metal parts in the metal industry, shipping industry, transport sector, contractors and maintenance services, for a medium-term period.


Specifically developed to use for the conservation of steel cases in the construction industry.


Wax T Coat sticks to and protects the pores. It gives a transparent waxy layer after drying. Wax T Coat protects against penetration of oxygen, rain, sea water and an aggressive atmosphere. The product protects related buildings in the construction industry against concrete spatters. Wax T Coat doesn’t damage like normal customary polish, chrome, plastics and types of rubber. It will dry after 30 minutes, doesn’t stain after use and is easy to remove with alkaline products like; Starwash Industry.


Stir for use.

Put on undiluted, with brush, or pressure spray device, on clean and dry ground.

During 30 minutes of drying time, protect against among other things, rain.