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Vosicool Extra is a semi-synthetic, clear lubricating coolant, especially for the light and medium heavy (and occasionally heavy) metal working.

Specific application

Vosicool Extra is used for sawing, drilling, grinding, milling and honing in conventional machines as well as in CNC machines.


Vosicool Extra contains substances that prevent the growth of bacteria in the lubricating coolant. The Product prevents fast wear, friction and burning on cutting surfaces, whereby the equipment will last longer. Vosicool Extra gives a good rust protection. It doesn’t contain carcinogenic substances. It doesn’t compose at with high temperatures and thus lasts 2 times longer than many other lubricating coolers.

The speed of machines can be increased with 15%, when switched over to Vosicool Extra. Vosicool Extra is entirely dissolvable in water. Because of efficient cooling the decline of the hardness of metal surfaces of equipment will be prevented. Vosicool Extra is in such way composed that the side-effects of water hardening are being disabled. Even when the calcium content is higher than 400 ppm, the lubricating of Vosicool Extra is not going to be negatively influenced.


  • First remove old lubricating coolant, then profoundly clean the tank its supply channel and drainage-canal with a solution of 3 parts water with 1 part Siox 25 and 1% Clean Plus.
  • Afterwards rinse the tank its supply channel and drainage-canal with clean water and 1% Vosicool Extra until the rinsing water is clear.
  • Fill the tank with the amount of clear water that is needed, then add 5-10% Vosicool Extra.
  • Depending on the heaviness of the metal workings and types of metal.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Vosicool Extra