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Download SDS Report Vosicool


Vosicool is a full synthetic, clear lubricating coolant, especially for the light and medium heavy metal working.

Specific application

Especially created for metal processing companies in need of cooling lubricants. For polishing, sawing, thread-cutting tools, drilling, lathing and milling machines.


Also removes (fly) rust from the surface.


First remove any old grinding oil, then profoundly clean the tank its supply channel and drainage-canal with a solution of 3 parts water with 1 part Siox 25 and 1% VOSSEN Clean Plus.

Afterwards rinse the tank its supply channel and drainage-canal with clean water and 1% Vosicool until the rinsing water is clear.

Fill the tank with the amount of clear water that is needed, then add the correct amount of Vosicool:
Grinding: 3-4%
Turning: 4-6%
Drilling: 4-6%
Milling: 4-6%