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Super 2000 is an innovative extremely safe and environmentally responsible cleaner.

Specific application

Super 2000 is by its particularly  safe formula ideal for the cleaning of vehicles, floors, tile walls, countertops, etc.


Super 2000 cleans streak-free. Super 2000 is safe for varnish, paint, plastic, metal, glass and rubber. Super 2000 will reduce condensation on glass surfaces. Super 2000 leaves an invisible safe protective layer (nanotechnology), so that the pollution won't attach to the surface. With repetitive use Super 2000 will leave a protective layer.


Dilute Super 2000 1:40 to 1:100 in warm water.

Clean the corresponding surface with this. For example, use a sponge or brush.

Preferably let the solution soak for 2 to 5 minutes.

Spray or rinse the surface clean with water.