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Super 200 is a pH neutral multi-purpose cleaner, that can be used in all places where you can clean with water.

Specific application

Super 200 is applicable on painted, tiled, plasticised and metal surfaces in hospitals, food service industry and kitchens. And also for the cleaning of pots, pans, plates and glasswork in restaurants, schools and hospitals.


Super 200 doesn’t have to be final rinsed and cleans without stripes. Super 200 dissolves completely in water, lessens the hardness of water, removes pollution and is safe for polish, parts, glass and rubber. Because of the special penetrants the product reaches pollution until the pores.


For the cleaning of tiles, woodwork, walls, porcelain, metal and synthetics, dilute with water 1:100-1:150.

For the cleaning of floors dilute with water; 1:60-1:80.