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Starwash Industry is a powerful, alkaline “multi-purpose cleaner”.

Specific application

Starwash Industry even removes compacted layers of oil and difficult to remove contaminants of industrial floors and machinery.

Because of the low foaming characteristic, the product is also applicable in industrial washing machines, spray installations, immersion tanks and scrubbing machines.


The solubility of Starwash Industry will not be influenced by the calcium content of the water or temperature fluctuations. Starwash Industry doesn’t have a penetrating odour. Starwash Industry is low foaming. Starwash Industry fits in every HACCP management system.


  • Dilute Starwash Industy 1:10 until 1:200, depending on the grade of pollution.
  • Apply the solution of Starwash Industry on the surface using an atomizer, swab, brush or foam lance.
  • Let it work for a few minutes, don’t let it dry.
  • Rinse the surface with water.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Starwash Industry