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Staporex is a cleaning cream with preserve characteristics.

Specific application

Staporex let synthetic window-frames, marble, travertine tiles floors appear as new.

Staporex is also appropriate to clean on etched metal and glass, and taking away the etching. It is convenient to use the product in the food processing industry for the removal of clotted proteins.


Staporex is applied for the removal of tough pollution and layers on stainless steel, porcelain, tiling, painted materials, plastic, glass and formica.


Cleans, degreases and protects and even removes “water spots” on stainless steel. Non-toxic and thus safe to use with food.


Shake before use.

Use sponge or pad.

Adapt pressure to degree of pollution.

Add some water while rubbing.

Stainless steel: rub in the direction of the structure.

Rinse with clean water.