Stench Killer/Stankkiller

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Stench Killer is a cleaning concentrate of detergents, enzymes and bacteria. It is used for the cleaning and demolition of organic pollution like; grease, urine, vomit and dairy products, etc.

Specific application

Applicable for buildings, in (vehicle) interiors, toilet buildings and beneath spaces you can’t actually reach.


  • Stench Killer takes the pollution at the source, even in the smallest corners, and thus doesn’t stop at the surface. It namely contains bacteria and enzymes that will transform the organic pollution into harmless substances.
  • Stench killer works contrary to normal surface cleaner, deep under the surface, where the pollution is located. Vermin will not be attracted to the pollution anymore.
  • Stench Killer immediately hides the unpleasant odours, until the enzymes and bacteria did their job and the pollution is disappeared.
  • Stench Killer contains micro-organisms that fall under the EFB class 1 (micro-organisms that are not able to cause permanent illnesses and aren’t a threat for the environment).
  • Stench Killer is optimal biodegradable.


  • Remove rough and noticeable pollution.
  • Activate Stench Killer always before use, by adding 10-20% of water.
  • Afterwards apply the solution Stench Killer on the surface by using a mist spray and let it do its work.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Stench Killer/Stankkiller