SP2 Food Grease

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SP2 Food Grease is a non-tox NLGI 2 grease, especially for the challenging circumstances. Because it is sprayed out as a liquid and immediately turns into a grease, it penetrates into the smallest gaps and corners.

Specific application

Suitable for lubricating heavy loaded ball-, rotate-, roll- and slide-bearing. Also suitable for lubricating slowly running parts (till ± 500 RPM), as often present in bulldozers, agricultural machines, bridges and locks.


SP2 Food Grease meets the requirements set by Codex (France) and FDA (USA) standard 21 CFR 178.3570 for incidental food contact. Anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. Effective between -20 and 140 degrees Celsius.


Shake it shortly.

Spray a small amount on the target surface.

Adapt lubrication frequency to necessity and need.