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Download SDS Report Sorb NL


Sorb is a modified natural type of clay with an extreme high absorbing capacity for liquids.


Practical experiences show that sorb can safely absorb spilled oils or chemicals. Sorb (in combination with Blue Max) is used in the construction sector, to clean with grease and fat, polluted, cement smudges, tiles, seams and concrete buildings.


Sorb is a cleaner, that even though its sorbent character, but hard grain, doesn’t pulverizes or create spots. Because of the highly capillary working, the product absorbs, liquid will directly infliltrate. Dangerous chemicals are captivated and can’t cause any chemical heating. Sorb has a relatively large working surface, this way there will be an optimal connection between the liquid and the grain. Sorb can be reused 7 until 10 times, this way there will be less chemical deposal. Sorb has a signal function when it is saturated. Once saturated, the grain will obtain a dark colour.


Rub Sorb on the contaminated soil, and sweep it after 24 hours.

In case of spot in hard ground, first spray with Blue Max, let it do its work for ca. 15 minutes and then follow point 1.