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Siox 25 is a powerful, alkaline, “multi-purpose cleaner”, for the removal of grease, pollution and encrustation.


Because of the non-toxic and non-corrosive characteristics of this product, it is possible to use it on nearly all kinds of surfaces and equipment.


  • Siox 25 contains a powerful composition of detergents, surface active substances, moisteners and detergents, that can break down the molecular structure of pollution and grease encrustation, without damaging the surface itself.
  • Siox 25 is not flammable, can be used with open fire and everywhere where there’s water available it can be used safely as a cleaning product.
  • Siox’s 25 solubility is not influenced by the water hardness or changes in temperature, and thus can be rinsed off with water after use in every situation.


  • Dilute Siox 25, (preferably with warm water), 1:5 until 1:25, depending on the degree of pollution.
  • Put it on the to be cleaned surfuce with high pressure sprayer, aerosol, swab, brush or foam lance.
  • Let it work depending on the degree of pollution, don’t let it dry up.
  • Rinse surface with water.

SDS Report

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