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Muscodel is an effective herbicide to remove and prevent a green layer.

  • Active substances: didecyldimethylammoniumchlorid.
  • Access number: 12252 N.

Specific pollution

Muscodel removes, effectively and safe green layers (algae and mosses).


On all possible surfaces such as greenhouse covers, walls, roofs and paths. And materials such as gravestones, locks and art pieces. It is also used in process water systems.


Muscodel causes no change in colour of the material. Muscodel doesn’t have any etching influence on glass, galvanized materials, aluminium, chrome, stainless steel, rubber, plastics, ceramics, porcelain and enamel.


  • Spray, cast, brush or scrub the surface with a solution of 2,5% (250 ml per 10 liter water) Muscodel.
  • Don’t wash off and if necessary repeat it one more time.


  • The product is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms; avoid pollution of surface water.
  • The product stops working when getting in touch with soap or synthetic washing products.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Muscodel NL