MP Grease 23+

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MP Grease 23+ is a universal applicable grease with PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene).

Specific application

Suitable for applications in heavy and changeable loaded ball-, rotating-, roll and sliding-bearings. But also for axis trunnion of water pumps, wind gear, frames, flat springs, ball joints, etc.


MP Grease 23+ complies the demand of the SKF/Emcor corrosion test for sweet and salty water en the SKF/R2F tests A and B. MP Grease 23+ has a perfect metal attachment, so the grease doesn’t go out of the lubricating point. MP Grease 23+ has a very good temperature- and water resistance. MP Grease 23+ has also a good protection against corrosion. MP Grease 23+ is mixable with lithium greases. MP Grease 23+ has because of the PTFE excellent EP and AW properties.


Fill layers until the grease is just coming out, taking into consideration the machine’s directive.

Depending on the use, lubricate again after a week because of air in the bearing casing. Lubricate until pressure has been built up.