Metal VI

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Metal VI is a high-quality, universal lubricating oil.

Specific application

For equipment, slide rails and high speed chains.


Resistant against high (point) pressure. Water repelling. It helps preventing corrosion. Not sticky so it will not attract dust.


After Metal VI has been applies, it immediately drives off the present liquid and there will arise a thin lubricating layer. This also works under high pressure circumstances.

Metal VI has a good protection against rust.

Metal VI keeps out corrosive substances, that cause obstruction, and stops distortion, friction, grooving, the melt together and heat corrosion.

Because of the strong adherent ability, the lubrication stays, despite the high-speed movements (centrifugal powers) attached to the surface, in order that the lubrication stays optimal.

The “EP additives” prevents stick slip and gives Metal VI a unique characteristics, without solid substances and with unique adherent characteristics and high temperature constants.