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Download SDS Report Metal T

Download SDS Report Metal T Spray


Metal T is a high-quality synthetic oil with EP (extreme pressure) characteristics. On top of that it contains PTFE* for the “filling up” of unevenness and tolerances between the metal surfaces. Metal T has because of the PTFE excellent EP and AW properties.


Specific application

Metal T is being used on installation and equipment (maintenance and protection), hinges, connections, layers, cables, conveyer belts, punctuality instruments and printers.


Metal T lubricates, cleans and protects perfectly. Metal T decreases wear and prevents stick slip. Metal T protects really good against rust. This protection is maintained because of the activated micronized PTFE substances.


Shake before use.

Lubricate or spray Metal T in thin layers on the surface.

Let it work/penetrate for a while.