Metal SB-C²

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More about this product


Metal SB-C2 is a high grade synthetic lubricant without inert/solid components. Metal SB-Chas an extreme low friction coefficient and it contains a unique additive “SBC (Security Brake Complex)”, that forms a microscopic thin yet strong connecting, slippery, temperature resistant layer on the metal surface.

Specific application

It can be used widely on all kinds of metal objects and parts, like cables, chains, hinges and conveyor belts.


Resistant against high (point) pressure. Water repelling. It helps preventing corrosion. Not sticky so it will not attract dust.


  • Clean the surface from dirt and grease.
  • Apply Metal SB-C2 thin and evenly.
  • Tune the application frequency on the required effect/result.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Metal SB-C²

Download SDS Report Metal SB-C² Spray