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Metal ISB is a high-quality oily, additive product with “Security Brake Complex” (SBC).

Specific application

For combustion engines, transmissions and gear casing.


Metal ISB doesn’t contain inert substances.

Metal ISB lessens stick slip, friction and wear in motors, transmission boxes and gear casing.

Under dry run circumstances (starting torque), for example after a long period of standstill, the “SBC” will take over the lubrication and will make sure the parts won’t rub against each other.

The “SBC” takes care of the molecular change of the top layer (metallurgic effect), in such a way that this layer functions as a glide layer at high pressure. This will give less wear, noise reduction and a lower oil- and fuel consumption.


Add Metal ISB to the lubricant in the concentration of 2% until 6%.

When working with thin oil it is recommended to first dilute Metal ISB with a small part of the oil.