Hydrophober HS

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Hydrophober HS is a highly concentrated (High Solid) impregnating and hydrophobic product for porous stones and concrete.

Specific application

House fronts and objects (of stone or concrete) are being preserved against the penetration of water and the attachment of pollution.


Very easy and durable in use. 1 liter is enough for 8-15 m2 (depending on the method of application and the porosity of the stone).

The relating surface is immediately preserved with water- and pollution resistance after applying it.

Hydrophober HS doesn’t cause changes in colour on most types of stones, but on very smooth types of stones it is recommended to try the product first on a part where it is not very visible.

Hydrophober HS prevents the penetration of water in tears until 3mm. Because of the penetration of water is prevented, there’s less chance on damage on the house fronts/objects.

Clean the used pressure sprayer immediately after use with a solvent or degreaser.


Remove pollution and close potentially tears (Hydropher HS connects tears until 3mm).

Put on Hydrophober HS undiluted by using a low pressure sprayer on the (potentially moisture) surface. Make sure the distribution is equal. On very porous stones/concrete, potentially put on a second layer after 10-20 minutes.