HT Grease 2

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HT Grease 2 is a high-quality, H1 registered food safe grease. HT Grease 2 prolongs the life service and reduces the wear of machines.

Specific application

HT Grease 2 has extremely good EP-properties and has an extremely wide temperature range from -40°C to +280°C. For equipment, conveyer belts and machinery.


Has a high mechanical stability for regular fats, particularly at high temperatures and the presence of water. Extremely high drop point of 318°C. It has excellent EP and AW properties. HT Grease 2 can handle mobility and torque at temperatures down to -40ºC. The product is corrosion-resistant and water-proof properties. HT Grease 2 meets the requirements of the food industry and the industrial sector.


Apply in accordance with machinery directive and according to the result (own review).

Not miscible with:

  • Clay
  • Calcium complex greases
  • Polyurea greases
  • Sodium soap greases

SDS Report

Download SDS Report HT Grease 2