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An effective cleaner for inorganic pollution like chalk, cement, (fly) rust and calcium carbonate on constructions and surfaces.

Specific pollution

All inorganic pollution: chalk, cement, calcium carbonate, atmospheric pollution and fly rust.


It is mainly used to clean greenhouses, sheet pile panels, plastic frames and baked tiles.


Fox Z51 is able to clean the most extreme organic pollutions like chalk, cement and rust and is even safe to use on varnishes, chrome, plastics, aluminium and glass.


Dilute for light to moderate pollution: 1:50 to 1:100.

Dilute for moderate to heavy pollution: 1:25 to 1:50.

Dilute for heavy pollution: 1:5 to 1:25.

Dilute for chalk and cement: 1:10-1:15.

Distribute the correct dilution of Fox Z51 on the surface using a pressure sprayer, foam lance or mop. In case of heavy pollution, use a scrub pad.

Let it work for maximum 15 minutes, do not let it dry in.

Clean the surface with plenty of water and repeat the process if necessary.