Food T (H1)

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A food safe lubricating oil to use on specific small parts of several machines and surfaces. Both effective to use as lubrication as well as preservation.


Food T (H1) is used to lubricate and preserve conveyor belts, chains and parts in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.


Food T (H1) provides an extremely good start-up protection of your machinery and parts. It also preserves the metal and is fully water and steam resistant. Food T (H1) comes in a spray can which makes it perfect to use on specific parts of for example a chain or conveyor belt. Food T (H1) is a fully food safe lubricating oil, mainly used in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Food T (H1) is safe to use within a temperature range of -55°C up to 200°C.


  • Shake before use. Spray thinly on the surface or part and let it act.
  • Adapt the frequency of lubrication according to needs and desires.
  • When using Food T (H1) as a preservative: wipe and spread with a dry cotton cloth.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Food T (H1)

Download SDS Report Food T (H1) Spray