Electra Guard Pro

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A preservative spray product to prevent water from affecting electric components objects and machines.

Specific pollution

Electra Guard Pro expels moisture by forming a flexible film on the treated surface. As a consequence, Electra Guard Pro prevents from corrosion and also from short circuit.


All types of electro engines and installations.


Electra Guard Pro expels moisture, forms a flexible film and prevents the formation of corrosion. After treatment, the electric part or device is resistant to water. So for example light bulbs, electro engines and other objects and machines keep on running even when in contact with water.


Turn off the electricity of the to be treated device, object or surface.

Spray a thin even layer of Electra Guard Pro.

Let it dry for approx. 20 to 30 minutes before turning on the electricity again.


Safe to use on all metals and almost all plastics, however in case of plastic, first test.