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From 1-2-2021, Drain Cleaner may no longer be used by private individuals.
Professional users, on the other hand, can freely use Drain Cleaner.

However, you must demonstrate that Drain Cleaner is necessary for the performance of your trade, business or professional activities by completing a statement, which you can download here and returning it to customer.service@vossenlaboratories.com.


An easy and effective unclogger for drainage systems.

Specific pollution

Unclogs drainage systems filled (organic) pollution, like hair, soap scum and other pollution blocking the drainage system.


Specifically developed to use in drainage systems.


Drain Cleaner does not affect the drain pipes and is fully biodegradable after the full effect/neutralization of the product.


  • Pour gently and slowly, depending on the size of the drain, 250 to 500 ml Drain Cleaner in the clogged drain.
  • Let it work for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.


Do not stand directly above the drain and protect eyes and skin. Watch out for splashes and vapour.

A lot of heat is generated when adding Drain Cleaner to water.

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Fill in the form and return it to customer.service@vossenlaboratories.com

SDS Report

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