Degreaser HF/Ontvetter HF

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A powerful industrial degreaser with a high flash point based on aliphatic hydrocarbons to remove baked-on grease and oil on engines and equipment.

Specific pollution

Degreaser HF is developed to remove heavy contaminations like baked-on grease, oil and lubricates.


This industrial degreaser is perfect to clean and remove greases, oils and lubricates on engines, equipment and machine parts.


Degreaser HF has a high flash point, meaning the product will not evaporate quickly. Degreaser is effective and safe to use on metals. It leaves a pleasant odour behind which makes it an enjoyable degreaser to use outside as well as inside. In addition, Degreaser HF leaves a conserving layer behind to protect the surface for a longer period of time.


  • Apply Degreaser HF undiluted by spraying or brushing it on the surface, or by making a dip bath.
  • To remove extremely stubborn pollution, let it work for 5-10 minutes.
  • Finish the treatment by brushing off the remains.

SDS Report

Download SDS Report Degreaser HF/Ontvetter HF