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A specific cleaner for atmospheric and mineral pollution on buildings, floors and other commonly polluted surfaces.

Specific pollution

Clean A&M is developed to get rid of stubborn contaminations like  rust deposits, iron phosphate, fertilizers and salts.


Particularly suitable to clean glass, sheet pile panels and plastic frames. Think of for example etched glass in big indoor pools and weathered sheet pile panels. Clean A&M can also be used to clean atmospheric and mineral contaminations off doors and tiles.


Weathered sheet pile panels and etched glass are problems that entail affected surfaces and materials. It does not only mean the pollution is on the surface, but also found its way into the material. Clean A&M is a very specific and powerful low pH cleaner that is able to take off a very thin layer of the weather/etched material to get rid of all pollution and in the meanwhile make the object look like new again.


Always dilute with (lukewarm) water, see the specification of the dilutions below.

If necessary use a brush/pad.

Let it work for 2-5 minutes, don’t let it dry.

Always rinse with lots of water.

Repeat the process if necessary.


Remove etching: 1:5* to 1:10*

Remove atmospheric pollution: 1:10* to 1:100*


Remove dirt from porous surface: 1:3* to 1:5*

Remove dirt from dense surface: 1:5* to 1:10*


Remove dirt from porous surface: 1:5* to 1:10*

Remove dirt from dense surface: 1:10* to 1:20*


Application on glazed tiles, stainless steel and anodized aluminium: first try in a small (invisible) spot to determine whether the application is harmless for the surface.

Do not apply on hot surfaces due to the formation of steam.

Avoid direct contact of the product and dilution on humans, animals and plants.

*1:3: 1 liter Clean A&M, 3 liter water

*1:5: 1 liter Clean A&M, 5 liter water

*1:10: 1 liter Clean A&M, 10 liter water

*1:20: 1 liter Clean A&M, 20 liter water

*1:100: 1 liter Clean A&M, 100 liter water