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Blue Max is a powerful degreaser for engines, equipment and other surfaces like stone floors that are heavily contaminated with oil and other greases.

Specific pollution

All kinds of greasy products like oils, heavy greases, lubricants, fuel and more.


Blue Max is able to clean and degrease heavily contaminated machines and surfaces like motors, machine parts a.o. in a safe way by resolving the contaminating particles. Blue Max is also perfectly suited to extract oil from floors, think of oily floors at a gas station.


Blue Max is both a safe and extreme degreaser, a perfect combination for extreme industrial situations. It is based on chlorine-free solvents, which makes it a safer product in use than other industrial degreasers in the market. Blue Max also contains a nice odour, making the working process less unpleasant.


Surface/machine: Apply Blue Max to the to-be treated surface or machine using a sponge, pad, brush or dip bath and let it work.

Rinse the treated surface with (warm) water.

(Stone) floor: Apply Blue Max using a sprayer and let it work for approx. 15 minutes. Use our combi product Sorb by distributing the particles overn the contaminated and treated spot and let it work for approx. 1 hour. When all dissolved oil is taken in by Sorb, brush away the remaining Sorb particles.

It is possible to dilute Blue Max with petrol in a dilution of 1:5* to 1:10*, depending on the pollution.

*1:5: 1 liter Blue Max, 5 liter water

*1:10: 1 liter Blue Max, 10 liter water