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An acid cleaning product to descale various machines.

Specific pollution

Biodescaler is specifically effective to remove chalk and mud.


Biodescaler is both a cleaner and descaler for cooling installations, boiler systems and water pipes that are usually affected by chalk and mud.


Cooling installations, boiler systems and water pipes can be made of steel, copper and aluminium. Biodescaler is absolutely harmless for all three materials and will not negatively affect the structure, just like the seals that won’t be affected. The product is also fully innocent for the environment as it’s biodegradable.


  • Drain the water from the entire system.
  • Make a dilution between 1:10* and 1:20* depending on the pollution.
  • Heat this to 60 degrees to promote the operation.
  • Allow the solution to act and circulate for 20 to 24 hours.
  • Drain the solution from the system and repeat the treatment if necessary.

*1:10: 1 liter Biodescaler, 10 liter water

*1:20: 1 liter Biodescaler, 20 liter water


Do not use Biodescaler on cast iron, zinc or natural stone.

SDS Report

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