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A concentrated cleaning product using bacteria and enzymes to break down pollution.

Specific pollution

Bio Treat breaks down organic pollution mainly to carbon dioxide, water, and for the plant recordable substances.


Bio Treat is specifically developed to unclog and clean drainage systems naturally and effectively. It is also applicable on drain lines polluted with organic waste, fat collection wells and septic tanks.


Bio Treat does not only clean and unclog, it also masks unpleasant smells caused by the build-up of the organic pollution. Bio Treat is a very safe unclogger, it does not harm the environment and it’s fully biodegradable.


Shake before use.

For grease collection wells: 250 ml Bio Treat per m³, 1 hour after cleaning and disinfection (daily).

For septic tanks: 100 ml per m³ tank capacity (daily).

For clogged toilets or drainage systems: 100 ml  and let it work for at least one hour.