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    Swimming Pool and Sauna ECO Cleaner - Atmospheric and Mineral

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    Swimming Pool and Sauna ECO Cleaner - Atmospheric and Mineral (product 45) is a fast, powerful and safe acid cleaner for cleaning swimming pools and saunas. Due to its innovative composition, the product is not only effective, but also extremely environmentally responsible. Use this product for the quick and easy removal of rust deposits, phosphates, sulfates, salts, cement residue or black deposits in swimming pools and saunas. Can be diluted up to 100x Quickly and easily removes phosphates, rust and black deposits Extremely environmentally responsible Swimming Pool and Sauna ECO Cleaner - Atmospheric and Mineral is a professional and powerful product that belongs to the ECO line of Vossen Greener Chemicals. This product is extremely suitable as a swimming pool cleaner and as a sauna cleaner. Due to the high acidity, it will easily remove pollution such as soot, phosphates, sulphates and salts. In addition, it is important to properly maintain and keep the waterline of a swimming pool clean. An acid cleaner will easily remove this type of pollution. Logically, dirt will accumulate more often the more you use the pool. It is also important to clean saunas properly. The combination of a safe acidic and basic cleaner ensures that saunas remain hygienic and above all nice and clean. In addition, this sauna cleaner removes pollution such as rust, phosphates or black deposits in a simple and safe way.

    Shipped within 2 business days



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