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  • Staporex RVS reiniger en polish - Voor het verwijderen van hardnekkige vervuiling en aanslag op roestvrijstaal, porselein, tegelwerk, geverfde metalen, plastic, formica en glas.


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    Staporex (product 814) is a cleansing cream with preservative properties. For removing stubborn dirt and deposits on stainless steel, porcelain, tiles, painted metals, plastic, formica, glass, etc.  Staporex stainless steel cleaner and polish cleans, polishes and restores the shine of stainless steel and other surfaces. This product is also suitable for cleaning etched metal and glass and removing the etching. Cleans, degreases and protects. Mildly abrasive  Effective on stubborn stains  Protects the surface Staporex stainless steel cleaner and polish is a professional and powerful product that belongs to the ECO line of Vossen Greener Chemicals. This product is intended to reduce cleaning time and obtain the best results on stainless steel surfaces. Suitable for purposes such as stainless steel worktops, pipe machines, catering equipment and checker plates, but also for marble and plastic frames. Remove grease stains, fingerprints and stubborn dirt on stainless steel. It leaves a protective layer that protects the surface against dirt and deposits. Staporex stainless steel cleaner and polish product also has a mild abrasive effect, which will remove stubborn dirt quickly and easily. This unique formula is indispensable in business processes and ensures that stainless steel is optimally maintained. View all our stainless steel cleaning and preservatives  here . Download SDS Staporex

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  • Marmer Reiniger

    Marble Cleaner - Polishes and Preserves

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    Marble Cleaner - Polishes and Preserves (product 192) is an acid-free, pasty cleaning agent for the quick and effective removal of combined contamination on marble parts and surfaces. This product has a unique triple action: it cleans, polishes and preserves the surface to be treated. You can also apply the product to stainless steel, porcelain, tiling, painted metals, plastic, formica, glass and travertine. Mildly abrasive Effective on stubborn stains Protects the surface Floors or sinks made of marble become dirty or stains appear over time. This marble cleaner is ideal for maintaining marble floors. The mild abrasive effect ensures that the marble recovers and that it also regains its shine. The marble remains in better condition and scratches disappear. This cleaning paste allows less dirt to adhere to the surface and creates a protective layer. This specialist polish tackles scratches and dull marble. The powerful 3-in-1 formula not only cleans the marble, but also polishes and protects the surface. Proper maintenance treatment also preserves the condition of marble. Use the marble cleaner from Vossen Greener Chemicals on floors, tables, window sills, kitchens and, for example, walls made of marble.

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