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    Ceramic Hob Cleaner - Polishes and Preserves

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    Ceramic Hob Cleaner - Polishes and Preserves (product 195) is an acid-free, pasty cleaning agent. Extremely suitable for the quick and effective removal of combined pollution on ceramic hobs. Ceramic Hob Cleaner - Polishes and Preserves has a unique triple action: it cleans, polishes and preserves the surface to be treated. You can also apply the product to stainless steel, porcelain, tiling, painted metals, plastic, formica, glass and travertine. Mildly abrasive Effective on stubborn stains Protects the surface A ceramic hob stays warm for a long time after use. If you don't remove the pollution properly, it will burn in. This stubborn dirt is difficult to remove. This ceramic hob cleaner safely and effectively removes stubborn grease, dirt and food residues on all types of induction and ceramic hobs. In addition, the surface is also mildly polished, which removes scratches and dullness. This powerful and 3-in-1 ceramic hob cleaner makes the surface look like new again and it will retain its original shine. Due to the protective layer that the product leaves behind, dirt will adhere less easily to the hob. Very powerful and yet safe for the ceramic hob. In addition, the product is easy to use, apply rubbing with a damp cloth, sponge or (white) pad. Rinse with water and done!

    Shipped within 2 business days



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