Tire tracks on industrial floors

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  • Starwash Industry - alkalische industriële allesreiniger voor vettige verontreinigingen op vloeren en machines.

    Starwash Industry

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    Starwash Industry (product 807) is an extremely powerful alkaline industrial all-purpose cleaner for greasy soiling on floors and machines. Concentrated and effective  Safe on industrial floors  Low foaming  Download SDS Starwash Industry

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  • Industrievloer Reiniger

    Industrial Floor Cleaner - Organic Pollution

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    Industrial Floor Cleaner - Organic Pollution (product 96) is a fast, powerful and safe alkaline cleaner. You can use it to remove organic pollution from industrial floors. Use Industrial Floor Cleaner - Organic Pollution for quick and easy removal of caked-on grease, plant juices, rubber tire marks or green contamination on industrial floors. The product consists of a combination of surfactants, salts and lye. As a result, the molecular structure of the pollution breaks down without affecting the surface. That is why the product is suitable for removing and cleaning tire tracks on your industrial floor. Can be diluted up to 200x Quickly and easily removes caked-on grease and tire marks Non-foaming and therefore suitable for scrubber driers Industrial Floor Cleaner is a professional and powerful product that belongs to the ECO line of Vossen Greener Chemicals. Tire tracks are a common problem on industrial floors. Forklift trucks burn the rubber of the tires into the floor and leave marks. With this tire track cleaner industrial floor, you can make your floor look like new again. Due to the alkaline property of this product, tire marks are relatively easy to remove after only a few minutes of exposure. The product is highly concentrated, so you work sustainably and the product lasts longer. Each drop of Industrial Floor Cleaner gives a powerful, long-lasting cleaning effect, making it a good maintenance cleaner. Are you looking for a general industrial floor cleaner? Then click here.

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