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    Wallpaper Remover

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    Wallpaper Remover (product 116) is a fast, powerful and safe basic all-purpose cleaner for removing wallpaper and wallpaper residues. Due to the non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive properties of this product, you can use it on almost all surfaces and tools. Can be diluted up to 10x Easily removes wallpaper and residue Light foaming This wallpaper remover belongs to the Vossen Greener Chemicals' ECO line. As a strong alkaline cleaner, the product is extremely suitable for the safe removal of wallpaper. With Wallpaper Remover you can quickly and effectively remove old layers of wallpaper and wallpaper glue. Apply the product with a brush or pressure sprayer. Then let it work for 10 minutes and then start removing the wallpaper. Moreover, after dilution, the product produces up to 100 liters of cleaner, so you can work extremely sustainably. Due to the powerful and efficient operation of the product, you prevent awkward scenes with steam devices. By soaking the wallpaper with this powerful basic cleaner, it becomes easy to remove the wallpaper in large pieces. Find a starting point and loosen a piece to easily remove the wallpaper. Then try to remove the wallpaper from the surface as completely as possible. Use a putty knife if necessary. Are you looking for a strong glue residue remover? Then click here.

    Shipped within 2 business days



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