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    Window and Glass Cleaner - Organic Pollution

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    Window and Glass Cleaner - Organic Pollution (product 157) is a fast, powerful and safe slightly acidic cleaner for streak-free removal of organic pollution on windows and glass surfaces. Use Window and Glass Cleaner - Organic Pollution for quick and easy removal of caked-on grease, plant juices and green pollution on windows and glass surfaces. Through repeated use of this product, a dirt-repellent layer builds up on the surface, so that less and less cleaning is required. Cleans streak-free Safe for varnish, paint, plastic and metal Builds up a dirt-repellent layer This industrial window and glass cleaner is extremely suitable for removing organic pollution. In addition, this professional slightly acidic window cleaner cleans the windows effectively and streak-free. This product is used by professional window cleaners and provides a dirt-repellent layer. As a result, the dirt adheres less quickly. Because this glass cleaner is highly concentrated, you can clean windows sustainably. The effective ingredients ensure a clean surface and save working time due to the protective layer it leaves behind. Does not affect surrounding materials such as paint, plastic and metal. This glass cleaner quickly removes adherent organic pollution, cleans streak-free and is economical in use. This cleaner belongs to the ECO line of Vossen Greener Chemicals and is also safe to use.

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  • Sticker verwijderen auto

    Vehicles - Glue Remover

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    Vehicles - Glue Remover (product 420) is a powerful, fast and safe degreaser based on chlorine-free solvents. This means that the product works very quickly and is also as little harmful as possible to humans, animals and nature. Use Vehicles - Adhesive Remover for removing adhesive residue from decals and lettering on cars, trucks and vans. Pleasant smell Removes adhesive residue quickly and easily Safe for humans, animals and nature Removing stickers from cars is not difficult, but it should be done carefully to prevent paint damage and scratches. There is a layer of glue between the paint and the decal. You can partially loosen this layer, but make sure that the glue does not stick to the paint. However, this is not always unavoidable. Therefore, always remove car stickers carefully and with policy. Car stickers are often applied to the paint, but it can also happen that the stickers are applied to plastic parts and windows. That is why it is useful to use a safe degreaser to quickly remove the stickers from the car. The formed polymer chains are first dissolved, so that the polymers are then bonded again by the solvent. This reverses the adhesion process.

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