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    Odor Remover – Floor Drains

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    Odor Remover – Floor Drains (product 242) is an acid-free, lemon-fresh product on a biological-enzymatic basis for removing unpleasant odors from drains and bins. Due to its biological - enzymatic action, it does not mask the odors, but penetrates to the source of the pollution. Consequently, it will remove drain odor. It naturally breaks down pollution and gives off a fresh scent. The product can be used on all surfaces and places that are difficult to clean. Works down to the smallest cracks Immediately removes the unpleasant odor Do not attack the surface Removing drain odor is a common problem for many households and businesses. Unpleasant odors from your drain or sewer can be annoying and also have a major impact on daily life. Fortunately, there is an effective solution available: odor remover for drains from Vossen Greener Chemicals. Our odor remover has been specially developed to remove unpleasant odors from your drains and sewers. The product is also easy to use and ensures fast and effective removal of odors. In addition, we understand the importance of creating a fresh and clean environment and removing odors from the drain. That is why we offer the best solution for removing drain odors. Our odor remover is effective and easy to use, with fast results. At Vossen Greener Chemicals, we believe it is important to provide our customers with the best products and service. Our odor remover is known for its effectiveness and ease of use.

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    Organic Treat

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    Bio Treat (product 824) is a concentrated cleaning product based on bacteria and enzymes. Specially developed for natural cleaning and prevention of clogging of drainage systems. Breaks down the pollution  Immediately masks unpleasant odors  Naturally effective  Download SDS Bio Treat

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