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VOSSEN Clean Plus Ready To Use is a disinfectant for walls, floors, tables, toilet areas and machinery. Now available in easy to use trigger sprayers of 500 ml. VOSSEN Clean Plus Ready To Use is an officially registered disinfectant and is suitable to fight viruses.

Specific application

This product is widely applied in health care institutions and food industry. However VOSSEN Clean Plus Ready To Use is applicable in every business and situation where disinfection is needed.

Active substance: Quaternary Ammonium compound.


Walls, floors, tables, toilet areas and machinery.


Cleans and disinfects in one go! Doesn’t have a caustic effect on glass, galvanized materials, aluminium, synthetics, stainless steel, rubber and is completely safe when using on chrome, ceramic, porcelain and enamel.


Apply VOSSEN Clean Plus Ready To Use on the polluted surface.

Let the product do its work for minimal 5 minutes.

Use a brush for extreme pollution.

Rinse off with water or let it dry.

Repeat those actions when needed.