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VOSSEN Clean Plus is a disinfectant for walls, floors, tables, toilet areas and machinery. Also have a look at our Ready To Use version: VOSSEN Clean Plus Ready To Use. Use this as a refill!

Specific application

It is applied in health care institutions and food industry. Active substance: Quaternary Ammonium compound.


Walls, floors, tables, toilet areas and machinery.


Cleans and disinfects in one go! Doesn’t have a caustic effect on glass, galvanized materials, aluminium, synthetics, stainless steel, rubber and is completely safe when using on chrome, ceramic, porcelain and enamel.


Apply VOSSEN Clean Plus 1% with a sprayer or foam lens on the polluted surface.

Let the product do its work for minimal 5 minutes.

Use a brush with extreme pollution.

Rinse out after minimal 5 minutes, preferably use a strong spurt of water, until the entire surface is cleaned well, or let it dry.

Repeat those actions when needed.