Handgel and Hand Cream

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Handgel and Hand Cream

Using handgels and damaging your skin

Using hand saniziters and washing your hands often is a must these days. However several official messages were spread that this may cause damaged skin. Besides providing our customers with alcoholic handgels, we also provide them with hand creams. It is our priority to take care of people and businesses.

Layer of grease and skin cells

The skin contains a thin layer of grease. This layer of grease and skin cells provide protection against harmful invaders such as bacteria and fungi. 

Because this grease film, however, can disappear from various influences from the outside, for example, soap and water. As a result, the skin's own moisture retention won't be enough, the skin will be , will eventually burst and may itch.

How to take care of damaged skin

Moisturize with a fatty cream or base cream after using a handgel is the answer. The following applies in general: the more greasy, the better.

Take an extra step to take care of your hands properly! For healthy skin has a strong barrier against outside influences.

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