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handgel, handgel 70% -

Moisturize with a fatty cream or base cream after using a handgel is the answer. The following applies in general: the more greasy, the better.

Take an extra step to take care of your hands properly! For healthy skin has a strong barrier against outside influences.

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lubrication, professtional lubricants -

Professionals often get very familiar with the viscosity of lubricants they use. Viscosity is the most important characteristic of a base oil. The understanding the function of additives within the lubricant is important. All lubricants start with base oils. There are three types of base oils: mineral, synthetic, and vegetable. In industrial applications, the most common ones are mineral and synthetic.

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covid19 -

For decades we are helping businesses, farmers, distributors and consumers to produce, maintain and care with high quality standards.

COVID-19 demands much from society as well as businesses. The importance of care and health are inevitable during these times and we are working 24/7 to supply our customers with the goods needed.

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